BRANDING as a Marketing and Branding Consultancy our work is all about transforming businesses into brands and developing their unique Brand Identity.


We break down the process into 3 elements - Brand Strategy, Branded Website Development, and Brand Activations. Together those fully customized elements create the holistic image of your brand.  They establish your strong brand identity and online presence that will drive the success of your business both today and in the future!


Brand Strategy is the first element of the Brand Identity. A fully customized brand strategy lays the foundation of your brand identity and ensures you will successfully communicate the unique value of your business. 

The brand strategy includes analysis of the company's image, unique offering and target audience, and focuses on defining the right Value Proposition, Brand Positioning and Brand Elements that will build your unique Brand Identity!


Branded Website Development is the second element of the Brand Identity. The design and development stage is fully based on the customized brand strategy and is focused on creating your core brand channel - Your Website!

This element consists of industry-specific analysis, web design and web development, including UX and SEO Optimization, Strategic Copywriting and Web Optimization both pre and post-launch.

The Premium Offer includes Monthly Website Maintenance and Optimization keeping your branded website on top!

Brand Activation is the final element of the Brand Identity. This step ensures the holistic brand image is achieved across all channels leaving the right lasting impression of your brand!

This final stage consists of the development of a fully customized Brand Aesthetics Book as well as the Optimization of your Brand Channels guaranteeing that everything about you and your business is ON BRAND! 


The Premium Offer includes Social Media Content Creation that ensures you send the right brand message to the world.


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